A New Leaf: Botanicals

Taking a page from 18th-century scientist Albertus Seba and his groundbreaking chronicle of flora and fauna, Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, the latest must-have accents channel a scientific theme. The direct translation is micro-scaled: Evolution's '50s-era educational chart, with its exact illustrations, makes for a whimsical focal point over any kitchen table, and Hermés' floral Jardin des Orchidees plates bring a high tea element to the spread. For a more modern interpretation, go for pieces that maximize blown-out details: a statement foliage pillow, or John Derian's new Passiflora Mini-Tray, which has a hint of Little Shop of Horrors to it. And, if you find something that fits the bill that is ever so slightly out of budget--don't hesitate to call it an "investment piece"--trust us, this trend is perennial.