13 Abandoned Places Around the World That Are Hauntingly Beautiful

There is a certain kind of beauty in forgotten places—the kind that invites our imagination to wander and leaves us awestruck with its endlessly fascinating history. Close your eyes and imagine the decay of gilt paint and pastel wallpaper curling in on itself in an abandoned mansion, a deserted roller coaster or carousel erect in the wilderness, entire ghost towns left eerily in-tact, a glass still on the dining room table though no one has actually sat there in decades… These places that were once sites of community, opulence, or joy only exist in fragments. They remind us that things fall apart in the ordinary instant when disaster strikes and that even the sweetest things will rot when not lovingly tended to.

To get a glimpse inside these forgotten places with unforgettable histories, we're highlighting 13 abandoned places around the world that are chillingly beautiful, even in neglect (or perhaps even by neglect). From defunct hospitals and train stations, empty vacation homes in the middle of the sea, deserted resorts and hotels, and even floating amusement parks, these 13 abandoned places around the world will blow your mind. Seriously, not even a gothic novel of epic proportions could make this stuff up. In fact, they're better since they actually exist in real life. So without further ado, step inside the wreckage of what used to magnificence incarnate