Is This the Next Big Décor Trend? ABC Home Says Yes


Courtesy of The Apartment

ABC Home has long been known for its wide selection of beautiful rugs—from overdyed silk rugs to one-of-a-kind Moroccan antique pieces—but there's one more thing that they do better than most: color. Browse through its selection of furniture, dinnerware, or home accents, and you'll be delighted with a rainbow of pinks, yellows, purples, and blues—in every shade under the sun. 

Lately, it seems that ABC Home (and a few other retailers like West Elm) have taken a liking to using color in a new way: with iridescent and colored glass accents. Alexandra Von Furstenberg may have spearheaded that movement when she introduced her neon acrylic trays a few years ago, but many other designers have followed suit—and ABC Home is definitely on board. Ahead, our favorite selection of iridescent and colored glass accents for the home, and better yet—most of these pieces are on sale during ABC's Summer sale. Colorphiles, this one's for you. 

And now, the penny-pincher's guide to decorating with 2017's biggest trends.