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17 Above-Ground Pool Deck Ideas That Make a Splash


Franklin Pools Australia

Summer is here, and she didn't slip in quietly—she came in a-blazing. If you're a pool owner, you might already be pre-planning the details for your perfect summer party, but if you've just recently made the dive into pool ownership, there are some things you need to know when creating your poolside oasis.

While traditional pools yield themselves to some beautiful deck design elements, if you've got an above-ground pool, you may need to think outside the box. But as you'll see from these 17 gorgeous above-ground pool decks, you may have to get creative, but you won't have to sacrifice on design.

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Add Submarine Windows


Kiesel Design

This gorgeous above-ground pool makes the most of its height by adding in small submarine windows. Not only does this give visual interest to the walls that would otherwise be blank, but it also makes for a fun element for the young and young-at-heart in your life.

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Build Wraparound Stairs


Ascher Smith

Snuggling your steps up against your above-ground pool will give an element of luxury while also making your ascend feel a little more regal.

These customized steps can be DIYed or outsourced as you see fit.

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Add a Sunbathing Deck

above ground

Kiesel Design

This riser deck is just begging you to come lounge. Since it's facing away from the above-ground pool, it gives the illusion of being its own part of the resort-known-as-your-backyard while still being close enough in proximity to the water, so you can jump in when you need to cool off.

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Go Small


Ascher Smith

Don't think you have quite enough space for a full pool deck? Even the smallest of pools can have a tiny deck accompany them, and you'll be glad you did. This small pool deck has enough room to lay down a towel or add a lawn chair for sunbathing while adequately elevating its sunbather off the ground.

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Opt for a Light Stone


Ascher Smith

The light stone wall circling the pool combined with the stone wall that the pool is snuggled up against just makes you want to forget the rest of the day and crawl in. The light decorating tones work well with this above-ground saltwater pool to keep the vibes calm and inviting.

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Play With Levels


Ascher Smith

Even for an above-ground pool, your deck can be made of multiple levels, as shown here. The patio is elevated but it needed just a step or two up to get to the pool's surface. This divide in elevation helps clearly mark the different areas of the deck and the patio while remaining gorgeous.

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Create a Waterfall



By opting for a stone splashover deck on this above-ground pool, waterfalls are welcome and invited to make a statement while the guests enjoy this beautiful view whether in the pool or out.

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Opt for a Mix of Stone and Wood


Ascher Smith

Can't decide between a stone wrap around or a wooden one? Opt for a mix. This wooden deck pairs up perfectly against the stone wall (which also echoes the design elements of the house), tying the entire scene together quite nicely. Add in a beautiful sunset and call it a day.

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Or Use What You Have



We wouldn't dare let the suburbs get all the attention. With fun brands like Minnidip creating designer adult kiddie pools, you can turn your roof into a pool deck with no construction necessary.

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Create a Stone Perimeter


Franklin Pools Australia

When opting for stone walls with your above-ground pool, consider creating a space for an accidental waterfall. By having a nice-sized stone perimeter around the pool, if the pool happens to turn into a waterfall wall accidentally, your guests can lean into it without you worrying that the ground will get wet and soggy. It's always good to be prepared for a little extra fun.

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Add Landscape Lighting


Franklin Pools Australia

Landscape lighting makes a night-and-day difference in a front yard, and the same rule applies to an above-ground pool area. As demonstrated above, the landscape lights on the ground as well as on the wall help curate the vibe for a luxurious nighttime swim.

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Install Clear Panels


Franklin Pools Australia

This above-ground pool deck is doing so many things right: the stone wall is prepped for a waterfall, the wooden deck doesn't encompass the entire pool, there's still plenty of room to sunbathe and gather, and the clear panels keep any accidents at bay (and keep the sunbathers dry from the pool splashers).

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Add Plants


Franklin Pools Australia

Plants are always a good idea, so when designing your above-ground pool deck, don't forget to add some plant life. Just make sure there's enough height so that they're not in danger of drinking chlorinated water.

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Opt for Iron Over Wood


Complete Design & Construction

Anyone can have a typical brown wooden deck, but by opting for iron rods and freshly painted white wood, this deck is a notch above your more traditional bare-bones deck. There's just enough space for a few people to lay their towels down and have a snack, but it's not so large that it overpowers the rest of the backyard.

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Add a Pergola



If you've got a deck that's big enough for a pergola, then by all means, please add a pergola. This deck is made for pool parties. Multiple lounge chairs, pillows, and curtains hanging from the pergola create an inviting vibe for guests that will want to stay all day.

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Or Build a Bar



Yes, this is the same pool deck as above, but better. After Hurricane Sally left her mark on the first pool deck with the pergola, owner Niki rebuilt it, but this time: with a bar. A definite upgrade for the pool parties to come.

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Think About the Space as a Whole


Leslie Kortes

The world is your oyster, or at least this pool owner's oyster. The beauty of this space can't be attributed just to the pool deck. The entire space has been mapped out for optimal relaxation: an eating area, seating area, beautiful landscaping, nice steps, and a waterfall area into a smaller pool. This place really has it all. We're just waiting for our invitation.

Whether you're deciding between a small wooden deck or a wraparound stone wall, know that your options are limitless when it comes to creating an above-ground pool sanctuary. You (and your friends) will be so happy you put the time in to make the space just right for summer.