The Stylish Accent Tables That Always Steal the Show


Courtesy of The Line

They're always by your side when you need it. Whether you're putting down a cocktail at a party or picking up a book on a quiet afternoon, accent tables keep our lives organized, elevated, and spill-free. How do you know if you have enough side tables in your life? Easy: Grab a glass of water; sit in every lounge chair, sofa, stool, or bed in your house; and try to put your drink down somewhere. If it ends up on the floor, you need a side table. What better time to assess your side-table needs than before the holiday season? Soon you might be hosting dozens of guests in your living room.

Now onto the fun part: shopping. Side tables are fun to shop for because they're sculptural and interesting in shape, color, and material, so don't just grab any old four-legged table and call it a day. We rounded up accent tables that are eye-catching and elegant. Better yet, there's something for every budget: Whether you want to spend $30 or $3000, we have a table for you. Do you prefer marble, petrified wood, or powder-boated steel? Get ready to host a cocktail party—your perfect sidekicks are waiting.


Armed with a removable tray, this side table is the perfect serving piece.