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The 12 Best Colors to Choose for an Accent Wall

Bright yellow bedroom.

Dazey Den

Though neutral and desert-inspired color palettes are having a major design moment, you shouldn’t be shy about incorporating pops of color in your home, and an accent wall is a great way to bring in new hues without going over the top. Adding an accent wall is a great way to introduce color or highlight the décor treasures hanging on your walls. Simply choose the right color for your space, and you’re ready to paint.

Scroll on for the best colors to choose for an accent wall, as well as some major design inspiration for your own home. 

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Bedroom with black accent wall.

Ashley Montgomery Design

If you’re looking for a bold accent color, look no further than this black bedroom for a  dose of inspiration. All accents pop on the black wall, and since painting an entire room this deep a hue would darken the space, one wall is all it takes to make a large impact. 

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Sunny Yellow

Bright yellow bedroom.

Dazey Den

With a room quite the opposite of the first, another great option is to brighten up your white space with a pop of cheery yellow. This room finds the right balance with the bold yellow walls, the neutral furniture, and the paler yellows that appear throughout the space.

Golden Hour Paint Color
Clare Golden Hour $54.00
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Deep Navy Blue

Classic neutral bedroom with navy accent wall.

Design: Blue Copper Design; Photo: Life Created

A classic and timeless color choice, navy blue makes a stunning accent wall color choice for those who want a rich look, but still want to achieve balance in their space. The room still reads soft and naturalistic, and the accent wall only helps the white bedding have a major cozy moment.

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Mint Green

White and green accent wall.

Gold a la Mode

Torn between keeping your simplistic cream walls and adding a burst of color? Do both, like this relaxing space by Gold a la Mode. The wall is graphic and makes a statement, but the soft mint green hue and other bohemian accents keeps the space a calming retreat.

Aiming to create an accent wall with multiple colors? Painter's tape is your best friend. Tape down your design, wait until the paint is fully dry, and pull off the tape to reveal your masterpiece.

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Blush Pink

Bright bedroom with blush pink accent wall.

Rikki Snyder

This darling bedroom is for those who want a tint to their walls but are hesitant to paint an entire room. Accenting the bed is this blush pink wall, which makes a lovely backdrop for framed plant prints and vintage metal bed frame.

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Light Blue

Bright blue room with colorful decor.

Dazey Den

This light blue wall makes just enough of an impact on this colorful room, and it still allows the art and bright décor to stand on its own. The blue on the wall is accented with deeper blues throughout the room, proving an accent wall doesn’t always have to be the star of the show.

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Taupe accent wall with artwork.

Kaelyn Guerin

Soft enough to be easy on the eyes yet striking enough to make an impact, this taupe grey makes the perfect backdrop for this chic gallery wall. If you love white walls for their neutrality and clean look, consider painting a neutral accent wall to highlight favorite art or décor.

Who said an accent wall has to be a bright color? Any color of your choice works as an accent to your space.

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Powder Blue

Parisian-inspired bedroom with powder blue accent wall.

Brexton Cole Interiors

We could easily envision waking up every morning in this chic Parisian bedroom, accented with a powder blue wall. A bit more muted than the prior blues, this soft hue makes for a timeless backdrop to any room in your home and provides just enough of a noticeable accent without overpowering the space.

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Exterior green wall with outdoor furniture.

Cathie Hong Interiors

Who says accent walls should stay indoors? Take your paintcan outside and consider adding an accent wall to your exterior, like this sage green space. Getting a little playful with the exterior of your home makes for a home that is uniquely and stylishly yours.

Dirty Martini
Clare Dirty Martini $54.00
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Office space with mustard accent wall.

Katie Martinez

This deepened yellow hue brightens this home office and provides visual interest while still adding a touch of earthy warmth. If you are at a computer or desk for most of the day, painting that wall will keep your eyes stimulated when you’re itching for a fourth cup of coffee.

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Rose accent wall in neutral living room.

Home by Polly

Our blush pink space's darker cousin, this deeper rose shade is a stunning accent in this room. The gallery wall mirrors the pink hues and ties the room together.

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Soft Beige

Neutral boho style bedroom with beige accent wall.

JC Designs

A stunning desert dream, this room embraces the accent wall without detracting from the simplicity and neutrality of the room. This is a perfect way to enhance a neutral space—and the greenery of the plants still look striking against this color.