The Skincare Routine a Celeb Makeup Artist Swears By to Prevent Breakouts

Raise your hand if you're skin is freaking out right now. Now raise your other hand if you've been going through your makeup products a little faster than usual lately to cover up said freak-out. It's a vicious cycle, which I know because I've got both of my arms high in the air. Since we're reaching the end of October, the air is crisp, cool, and significantly less humid, and life is busier and more stressful than ever with work and social events, thanks to the pre-holiday push. Together, these factors can impact the quality of our skin

Even though we know makeup is supposed to be a way to have fun or enhance certain favorite features, not a way hide perceived imperfections, it's hard to resist piling on the coverup when our complexion is uneven or we're breaking out before a big event. But that's where skincare and prevention come in. No one knows this more than a makeup artist who is constantly helping celebrities get red carpet–ready on the regular.

So we reached out to the inimitable Allan Avendaño, makeup artist to the likes of Zendaya, Ashey Graham, and Camila Cabello, to learn how to prevent breakouts, especially if you wear makeup and feel like it's messing with your skin. Read on to learn his go-to acne prevention skincare routine method, and the ingredients he always warns his clients to avoid. Bonus: The best part about his skincare suggestions is that they're tailored to people who have chaotic schedules and don't necessarily have time or patience for an extensive routine.