Staying In on Valentine's Day? These 4 Activities Will Help You Mix It Up


Mary Ellen Arnold & Jacob Arnold 

Whether you’re coupled up, surrounded by friends, or catching up with family this Valentine’s Day, there’s no need to let your evening be dictated by clichés. Before you find yourself struggling to get an 8 p.m. reservation somewhere special or wondering how many times is too many to watch How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, give yourself permission to make February 14 a little different this year.

Start by taking a quick survey of your crew: Who is always tasked with making the plans and would be relieved to piggyback for once? Who’s been saying she’s in a rut and could do with a changeup? Whether you go out or stay in, there’s plenty to do beyond dinner and a movie. For some fresh ideas, we tapped fashion stylist Mary Ellen Skye, who is forgoing her standard dinner date with her husband in favor of having friends over and getting artsy at home this year. Skye gave us several great ideas for a creative night in, and best of all, you can pick up every supply you’ll need on

Whether you’re in the mood for a cozy Valentines Day at home or a night on the town, keep reading for four unexpected ways to spend your V-Day.

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