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You'll Want to Steal Design Tips From This Calming Studio

Wellness and design are more related than you may think. When you create a space that serves both your aesthetic tastes and your well-being, you can foster positivity, happiness, and peace of mind. Contrary to what you might think, that doesn't mean stacking crystals in each room and lighting sage daily (unless that's truly your style).

Decorating around health and wellness can be as simple as incorporating houseplants in your home, clearing spaces of clutter, and displaying objects that bring you joy. What better way to be inspired to bring elements of health and well-being into your home than to take a look inside an acupuncture studio that defines what it means to combine wellness with design?

Interior designer Lex Lee worked with acupuncturist Tara Diaz of Tara Diaz Wellness to create a soothing, peaceful studio that serves as both a wellness sanctuary and a study in designing for health and well-being.

My goal was to make everyone else feel the way I did when I first clicked with Tara: that they just unearthed a hidden sanctuary. — Lex Lee

Step inside the calming space below and learn how to bring elements of wellness into your own home.

Lex Lee and Tara Diaz
Julia Sperling

Bring Nature Inside

It's no surprise that plants and greenery can help create a calm atmosphere in any space. Studies even show that indoor plants can reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Including natural sources of greenery throughout the studio was important to Lee and Diaz in order to create the stress-free environment they were looking for. Add indoor plants to your home to reap the benefits and create a lively, decorative touch.

Acupuncture Studio
Julia Sperling

A variety of plants decorate this display of wellness products while an expansive mirror makes the small space feel much larger.

Faux Potted Trailing Succulent
West Elm Faux Potted Trailing Succulent $30.00
Design Details
Julia Sperling

Multiple shelving units are paired together to create a beautiful, yet functional, display.

IKEA SVALNÄS Bamboo Wall-Mounted Shelf, 33" $118.00
Décor Details
Julia Sperling

Floral details incorporate nature and feelings of vitality throughout the space.

Go for Neutral Tones

Keeping the space neutral and clean was a goal of both Lee and Diaz, which is why the studio features crisp white walls, tan accents, and bamboo features. Create the same zen atmosphere by using neutral tones and specific materials. According to Diaz, not only is bamboo aesthetically pleasing, it's an herb used in Chinese medicine. "It became the perfect marriage of design and theory," she says.

Julia Sperling

Bamboo and wooden elements create a natural, neutral environment.

IKEA RANARP Off-White Pendant Lamp $40.00
Decorative Basket
Julia Sperling

Decorative baskets are earthy and help eliminate clutter.

Solid La Jolla Baskets
Serena & Lily Solid La Jolla Baskets, Small $88.00
Julia Sperling

Natural light shines through sheer curtains, reinforcing the simplicity of the studio.

IKEA POÄNG Birch Veneer Armchair $129.00

Focus and Function and Form

Creating a space that's free of clutter allows the mind to feel relaxed and peaceful, according to Diaz. Keep your home organized with beautiful pieces that don't sacrifice function for style or vice versa. Find sleek storage elements like floating shelves and multi-purpose carts, and opt for functional pieces that don't skimp on taste, like stylish mirrors and decorative hooks.

Wellness and Design
Julia Sperling

While full of soothing, homey elements, the studio remains clean and crisp with all-white treatment rooms.

IKEA EKET 2 Drawer Cabinet $90.00
Functional Cart
Julia Sperling

This beige RÅSKOG bar cart from IKEA acts as a chic storage unit and delicate brass hooks ensure there is a place for everything.

Julia Sperling

More botanicals sit atop this floating drawer unit, along with an understated wooden mirror.

IKEA IKORNNES Ash Table Mirror $30.00

Display Thoughtful Details

"Your outward space is a reflection of your inner self," says Lee. "The visual impact of something beautiful and intentional in your home can spill over into your interactions with the family or friends who share it with you." Because of this, you'll want to surround yourself with the little things that bring you happiness.

Find art that brings you comfort and cover your walls with it and proudly display items that evoke positive memories on shelves and dressers. Lee believes that seeing the things you love serves as reminders to stay calm and be grateful.

Neutral Décor
Julia Sperling

Delicate flowers and sandy stoneware vases add to the neutral décor.

West Elm Half Dipped Big Bulb Stoneware Vase $40.00
Julia Sperling

An abstract painting hangs on the wall in this room. It's both soothing and thought-provoking. 

Neutral Décor
Julia Sperling

Even storage cabinets have a flair for design and are topped with simple decorative pieces like flowers, a wooden catchall, and a unique lamp.

Allow this soothing acupuncture studio to inspire you to bring elements of health and wellness into your home—after all, your home should be a sanctuary, too.

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