See How Wellness and Design Collide in This Dreamy Acupuncture Studio

Wellness and design are more related than you may think. When you create a space that serves both your aesthetic tastes and your well-being, you can foster positivity, happiness, and peace of mind. Contrary to what you might think, that doesn't mean stacking crystals in each room and lighting sage daily (unless that's truly your style). Decorating around health and wellness can be as simple as incorporating houseplants in your home, clearing spaces of clutter, and displaying objects that bring you joy. What better way to be inspired to bring elements of health and well-being into your home than to take a look inside an acupuncture studio that defines what it means to combine wellness with design?

Homepolish interior designer Lex Lee worked with acupuncturist Tara Diaz of Tara Diaz Wellness to create a soothing, peaceful studio that serves as both a wellness sanctuary and a study in designing for health and well-being. "My goal was to make everyone else feel the way I did when I first clicked with Tara: that they just unearthed a hidden sanctuary," Lee says. Step inside the calming space below and learn how to bring elements of wellness into your own home.