Adam Rapoport: Kitchen Confidential

For those whose Williams Sonoma trips consist of a sly trip to the snack bar followed by an aspirational appliance-induced panic, fear not. We've enlisted Adam Rapoport, the culinary guru at Bon Appétit's helm, to illuminate us, in his own words, on the budget-spanning tools he holds dearest. Use this wisdom as a blueprint for your own personal pop-up restaurant. dh-adam-rapaport-kitchen-basics-title-02
 adam8 Le Creuset French Oven You will use this to make everything from braised short ribs to roast chicken to a big pot of Thanksgiving mashed potatoes. And you will own it for the rest of your life. $315, Sur La Table
 adam5 Boos Cutting Board Always go wood, never go plastic. Place a damp paper towel beneath the board when using it, so it doesn't slide on your counter. $80, Metro Kitchen
 adam3 12-Inch Metal Tongs These should be the kind of tongs that you get at any kitchen-supply store for a few bucks, and they're the most indispensable tool you'll own--basically, an extension of your hands. Use for tossing pasta, turning roasted vegetables, flipping a sautéed pork chop. Everything. $13, Target
 adam1 Wusthof Santoku 7-Inch Knife Not the most badass of knives, but really easy to wield. It's perfect for the basic home cook who doesn't want--or need--to drop $400 on a hand-forged chef's knife. $100, Cutlery and More
adam9 Lodge 12-Inch Cast-Iron Skillet Want to know how to get a crisp, crunchy mahogany crust on a dry-aged ribeye? This is how. (Buying this new one is fine, but if you can find an already seasoned one at some yard sale in the country, then you're really in business.) $36, JC Penney
 adam4 Cuisinart Food Processor You can get by without a fancy stand mixer, but you need a food processor. Period. $174, Crate & Barrel
 adam6 Oxo Mandolin I like to make homemade vegetable 'slaws of all sorts, and this is what I make them with. $70, OXO
 adam10 SodaStream For my nightly vodka soda, I like club soda that's *really* crispy, and I don't want to have to run to the corner store when I'm out. SodaStream let's me dial in the carbonation just the way I like it. $130, SodaStream
adam2 Handheld Microplane Grater I use lots of parmigiana reggiano: on my eggs, my pasta, salads--you name it. There's no better way to grate the king of cheeses than with one of these. $17, Bed Bath & Beyond
 adam7 All-Clad Stainless 3-Quart Sauce Pan The reality is, you're not always going to entertain for a crowd; so you'll need a modest-size pot for creamy polenta, perfectly al dente pasta, and olive oil-bathed smashed potatoes. You need a workhorse. $185, Macy's
 Photograph: Danielle Levitt/August