These Are 2017’s Hottest Spring Break Destinations—for Grown-Ups

If winter has left your feeling sluggish, pasty, and uninspired, you're not alone. As yet another snowstorm hits the East Coast, we can hear the cries of desperation reverberating on New York City skyscrapers. This shouldn't come as a surprise—we've been conditioned all our lives to expect a warm weather escape around this time of year. First, when our parents would haul the whole family to the nearest Club Med for some sun, fun, and relaxation. Then, when our college besties convinced us that spring break in Daytona Beach was definitely a great idea. (Spoiler: It's not.) 

But in our 30s, spring break is merely a vague possibility—one that requires voluntary planning and a few days off work. More importantly, the logistics can be nightmarish if you try to avoid the crowds of children on school break or the swarms of college spring-breakers. But one thing's for sure: We all deserve a break from the cold, the stresses of everyday life, and the long nights at the office—whether it's only for three days or for a full three weeks. If yet another winter snowstorm is too much to handle, we rounded-up our favorite destinations to escape the cold ASAP. 

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