The 5 Style Rules an Heiress Swears By for a Polished Space

Aerin Lauder in a Williams-Sonoma Home living room


Decorating a room is similar to getting dressed. You have to set the foundation and consider color combinations, fabric, and texture while also being careful to mix patterns (without clashing them) and, of course, adding that final touch: accessories. Because let's face it; an outfit isn't complete without statement shoes or jewelry, and interiors are the same.

A sofa just isn't as inviting without a pair of stylish pillows or a patterned throw. But crafting a beautiful interior (much like the perfect outfit) is certainly an art form, something American heiress, Aerin Lauder, founder of luxury lifestyle brand AERIN knows all too well. Her elevated aesthetic has a distinct sense of ease and refinement all in one. It's relaxed yet regal all at once.

So you can imagine the buzz of excitement in the MyDomaine office when news of her home décor collaboration with Williams-Sonoma Home first came across our desk. Now we, too, can infuse some of her polished pieces at home. The collection is largely inspired by Lauder's memories traveling to Palm Beach with her family, so it truly speaks to her heritage, passion for entertaining, and love for decorating.

"I am constantly inspired by vintage pieces and patterns," she told MyDomaine. "Above all, I am inspired by travel and love to collect pieces from other cultures and countries and incorporate them into my collections." Think chinoiserie florals and coastal-inspired motifs, natural fibers, and linen with a muted pastel color palette and gold accents. What's not to love? Ahead, Lauder shares her advice for creating the perfect heiress-inspired look in your home.

Aerin Lauder in a Williams-Sonoma Home living room
Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma Home

Don't Force It

If there's one thing Lauder has perfected in both her personal life and her brand, it's that easy elegance. Nothing is forced. It all works without appearing stuffy or overdone. This design philosophy can be applied to all aspects of your home and life. "Living beautifully should be effortless and every room should have a purpose and be usable," she explained. "Each season when we develop the new AERIN collections (and in creating the Williams-Sonoma one), we develop curated pieces in beauty, fashion, and home that can stand alone or be combined in a way that feels very natural because they were designed with the same timeless, modern point of view."

a Williams-Sonoma Home-designed bedroom
Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma Home

The Small Details Matter

Whether you're hosting guests or just serving up a family meal, Lauder says it's important to make each occasional truly special. "My grandmother taught me that the secret to entertaining was making your guests feel comfortable," she said. "She used to serve potato chips in beautiful bowls, I see the Confetti Glass Bowls from my Williams-Sonoma collection working perfectly for this. I also like to use a butler tray stand as a portable bar and I always have fresh flowers and a glass pitcher filled with seasonal wine or sangria."

Add Something Unexpected

Just as in life, there's so much beauty in the imperfections and this offbeat accent can become the one defining element that makes a space really come alive. "I love to add something unexpected, whether it is with the color of flowers, tablecloth or tabletop items," said Lauder. "I think it is fun for your guests to have a beautiful element of surprise when sitting down at the table."

Aerin Lauder in a Williams-Sonoma Home outdoor dining table
Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma Home

Invest in Lighting

We all know the power a pair of statement shoes has on an outfit. It can really make or break it. And lighting has a similar effect on interiors—it really steals the show. The right lamp, chandelier, or sconce can really transform a room from no to woah. Lauder says lighting is one of the most important elements in any space. "It has the ability to make a major statement and be the focal point of the room," she points out. And we couldn't agree more.

Sprinkle Sentimental Objects

If there's one essential design element every room should have, it's nostalgia. Sentimental objects are key to making your space feel personal and warm. "I personally love having picture frames filled with beautiful memories of family and friends in every room," she said. "It's a simple touch that makes the home feel lived-in and brings any space to life."

a shelf with family photos
Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma Home

Layer Up in Small Spaces

If you're reading this and loving the ideas, but are unsure how to achieve them in your studio then try Lauder's genius small-space hack. She truly believes you can create a rich, textured, and layered space without looking cluttered. "I love to layer and stack objects," she said. "Even in small spaces, you can still have a very functional and gorgeous space by stacking beautiful books on coffee tables or layering framed pieces of art."

Introduce Texture-Rich Décor

If you want to create a warm and welcoming interior, texture is an essential ingredient. Lauder suggests a muted palette with natural fibers and layering neutral tones to create a colorful space. "I love layering with rattan," she said. "I believe that straw can be used all year long and creates a sense of casual elegance in any room and table setting. Easy pieces such as a coaster set, entertaining tray, bar set, and carafe allow for entertaining to be beautiful, effortless and work with (and compliment) any space, regardless of color or design aesthetic."

a Aerin Lauder-Williams-Sonoma Home bedroom
Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma Home

Embrace Pattern

While we'll never say no to an all-white space, adding patterns can really break up the monotony and create a playful interior with visual interest and intrigue. "I love mixing patterns," said Lauder. "It's fun to include patterned pillows on a printed couch or patterned drapes against a detailed wallpaper. Pattern can enrich a room and make them more interesting. The key to mixing patterns is to make sure there is a common element between the two patterns whether it's a common shape or general color pallete."

Don't Forget the Finishing Touch

Now that you've created that heiress effect at home, it's time to add the finishing touch. For Lauder, that's fresh flowers. "I love the idea of using the ceramic vase for my flowers this summer," she said. Place them on the dining table, kitchen bench, or your nightstand for a fresh burst of nature and color. 

a table set with a cheese plate and a seafood platter
Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma Home

Aerin Lauder's 5 Fashion Rules for Every Home

1. Great style should look effortless.
2. Fashion, beauty, and home should live seamlessly together.
3. Always opt for a classic, tailored piece.
4. Consistency is key.
5. Gold is the ultimate neutral.

luxe outdoor seating
Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma Home

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