Investing in Art Doesn't Have to Be Expensive—Here Are 12 Prints Under $200

Affordable Art Prints
Nicole Franzen

The phrase "investing in art" can all too easily feel intimidating. Visions of high-stakes auctions and galleries with haughty owners come to mind. We know iconic works of art can sell for millions of dollars, but not all art is unattainable—and no, we're not only suggesting to purchase mass-produced prints.

A selection of new online retailers like TRNK, Tappan Collective, Uprise Art, and Limited by Saatchi Art, are determined to render the process of purchasing art less daunting and more accessible. By featuring a mix of up-and-coming artists and limited-edition prints, they are able to sell quality original art at a price that's almost as affordable as your college posters. Ready to give your wall a budget-friendly makeover? Here are 12 original affordable art prints we love under $200.

Emily Knecht Nike $140

Want a larger 10-by-15-inch print for under $200? Look no further than Emily Knecht's beautiful, edgy photography, exclusive to Tappan Collective.

Carlos Martin BB5BJ $200

Limited by Saatchi Art offers a variety of limited-edition prints created as more affordable alternatives to the original piece—which you can also buy on its website. Case in point: This Carlos Martin print is $200 compared to the original painting, which is $1290.

Hamish Robertson Little Cliffs (No. 2) $90

L.A.-based artist Hamish Robertson may have shown at the Whitney Museum and several internationally renowned galleries, but his selection of "Little Cliffs" prints start at just $90.

Matthew Trygve Tung Untitled Tower $130

Architecture buffs will love the work of Matthew Trygve Tung, who shot internationalist housing as his photography subject of choice.

Cécile van Hanja Free-Flowing Space $75

Exclusive to Limited by Saatchi Art, this limited-edition print by Cécile van Hanja will appeal to modernist lovers.

Dafy Hagai Omer $140

Starting at just $140, this whimsical print by Dafy Hagai is fun and carefree, making it perfect for a beach house or first apartment.

Chad Kouri Shape & Color Study #413 $200

This print by artist Chad Kouri is meant to prompt introspection and imagination, inspiring a slower pace in our day to day lives as a form of self-care and personal grounding. 

Taylor White I'll Tell You About the War When You're Older $75

Make a tiny whimsical statement with this 10-by-10-inch banana limited-edition print, which is available for only $75. 

Gia Coppola McDonalds $110

Are you a die-hard McDonald's devotee? This Gia Coppola print can be yours for as little as $110 so you have a constant reminder to get yourself a cheeseburger meal or a box of McNuggets.

Hamish Robertson Soto Signal Series (No. 3) $50

This photo collage by Los Angeles-based artist Hamish Robertson print combines multiple captures of filmset smoke within a geometric motif.

Campbell La Pun Coke Pop 3 $100

Add a hint of Warhol-esque pop art to your home with this limited-edition Coca-Cola print by Japanese artist Campbell La Pun. 

Marc Gabor Vaiata Blues $160

This 12-by-18-inch print is extra large for its price range. This Marc Gabor photography is moody and makes a beautiful statement.

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