15 Artists to Watch From NYC's Affordable Art Fair

Whether you're a novice or seasoned collector, finding the perfect artwork for your home can be a difficult task. There are so many aspects to consider: Does it complement your home's color scheme? How does it alter the mood of the space? Don't let that overwhelm you, though. According to art experts, one question trumps the rest: Does it speak to you?

If you haven't found an artwork you truly love, pencil the Affordable Art Fair NYC (March 22–25) into your calendar. The biannual event is a one-stop shop for original contemporary art spanning paintings, sculptures, prints, and more. Held at the Metropolitan Pavilion, there are thousands of artworks priced from $100 to $10,000. Here are 15 showing artists we've got our eye on—head to the art fair to shop them all.

Affordable Art Fair NYC

Artist: Jack Tanner

Artwork: Spectrum, colored screws

Stying Tip: Style this artwork in a hallway or entryway so guests can appreciate the optical illustion from different angles.

Affordable Art Fair NYC

Artist: Sinziana Velicescu via Uprise Art

Artwork: Koreatown, Los Angeles, 2016; archival pigment print

Styling Tip: Give your home Cali-cool vibes by styling this artwork with woven baskets, a jute rug, and plenty of plants.

Affordable Art Fair NYC

Artist: Park Byung-Hoon

Artwork: Transference, 2016; acrylic on acrylic plate

Styling Tip: Don't stress about adding other yellow accents to your space—style this artwork solo to add a jolt of color.

Affordable Art Fair NYC

Artist: Donald Provan

Artwork: Shoal on Gold, 2017; oil on paint tube

Styling Tip: Hang this artwork in a space with natural light, which will illuminate the goal foil

Affordable Art Fair NYC

Artist: Linda Colletta

Artwork: Sound Color, 2017; mixed media on canvas

Styling Tip: Hang this artwork above your desk to inspire creativity

Affordable Art Fair NYC

Artist: François Bel

Artwork: Spray Two Parts Fucshia; acrylic glass and spray can

Styling Tip: Think beyond vases, trays, and coffee table books and style a vignette with this cool sculpture—it's definitely a conversation starter. 

Affordable Art Fair NYC

Artist: Kristi Kohut

Artwork: Imagine, 2017; mixed media

Styling Tip: Imbue a room with personality and character with this colorful artwork—it's sure to energize any tired space.

Affordable Art Fair NYC

Artist: Daan Oude Elferink

Artwork: Silence, 2017; photography

Styling Tip: Brooding and mysterious, this is the perfect piece to style in a serene bedroom. 

Affordable Art Fair NYC

Artist: Noelle Hamlyn

Artwork: Gulliver's Travels, 2016; mixed media and handspun books

Styling Tip: Gift this to your literary friend, or style it in a home-library or by your favorite reading nook.

Affordable Art Fair NYC

Artist: Antje Flotho

Artwork: Exhale, 2017; yarn

Styling Tip: Position this intricate yarn artwork at eye level so you an appreciate the detail.

Affordable Art Fair NYC

Artist: Tom Fabia

Artwork: You Are Here, 2017; photograph

Styling Tip: Style this serene artwork in your bedroom or living room to create a calm environment.

Affordable Art Fair NYC

Artist: Stéphane Gautier

Artwork: Roy, 2018; mixed material

Styling Tip: Bold and graphic, style this homage to pop art with décor in complementary colors, like oak brown and rich ink blue.

Affordable Art Fair NYC

Artist: Katsutoshi Yuasa

Artwork: Life Is Good for You #2, 2018; oil-based woodcut on paper

Styling Tip: Think beyond a predictable map of Manhattan, and opt for this photograph of Times Square subway station instead.

Affordable Art Fair NYC

Artist: John Conn

Artwork: Cuba 4, 2016; photography

Styling Tip: This photograph of a street in Cuba pairs perfectly with burnt-yellow and wood décor.

Affordable Art Fair NYC

Artist: Annelie Vandendael

Artwork: Yellow Slide, 2016; photograph

Styling Tip: Opt for a minimal white frame that doesn't detract from the colors and detail in this artwork.

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