Investing in Art Doesn't Have to Be Expensive—Here Are 12 Prints Under $200

Photo: Nicole Franzen

The phrase "investing in art" can all too easily feel intimidating. Visions of high-stakes auctions and galleries with haughty owners come to mind. We know iconic works of art can sell for millions of dollars, but not all art is unattainable—and no, we're not only suggesting to purchase mass-produced prints.

A selection of new online retailers like TRNK, Tappan Collective, Uprise Art, and Limited by Saatchi, are determined to render the process of purchasing art less daunting and more accessible. By featuring a mix of up-and-coming artists and limited-edition prints, they are able to sell quality, original art at a price that's almost as affordable as your college-day posters. Ready to give your wall a budget-friendly makeover? Here are 12 original affordable art prints we love under $200.