The Affordable Curtains We Swear By to Make a Room Look More Expensive

Updated 08/30/19
a living room with white curtains
Courtesy of Jeremiah Brent

Curtains have the power to entirely transform a room, but they can also get very expensive quickly. And with the multitude of fabric options and hanging styles, choosing the right curtains for your room can feel overwhelming. The key is in knowing exactly what to look for in order to pick the right affordable curtains for your room

Nate Berkus said it first: When it comes to window treatments, simplicity is best. "I tend to create interiors that are a little simpler and a little less ornate," he told MyDomaine. "I don’t really reach for fussy window coverings as a general rule."

It can be tempting to reach for the colorful curtains with a crazy pattern, but you may end up spending more in the long-run, once they fall out of style. Familiarize yourself with some of the basic styles of curtains out there—blackout, linen, sheer, embellished, and patterned—to find your perfect match.

Choose blackout curtains for a bedroom to provide complete darkness, while other rooms like your living space can benefit from more sheer options.

To help you pick the perfect affordable curtains, we've handpicked 10 options in five different styles. Best of all, they ring up under $100 a pop.


Pottery Barn Riviera Stripe Drape
Pottery Barn Riviera Stripe Drape $139 $83

These Riviera Stripe curtains come with a blackout lining, but the cross-woven design also has a sun-bleached effect, so it won't make your room look darker aesthetically. They're made of the most breezy materials: 55 percent linen and 45 percent cotton.

West Elm Linen Cotton Curtain
West Elm Linen Cotton Curtain $79 $60

This simple option from West Elm will never go out of style. It's made up of 55 percent linen and 45 percent cotton, as well, and matches any space. The pole pocket top means you won't have to spend extra on loops, either.


Pottery Barn Classic Belgian Flax Linen Curtain
Pottery Barn Classic Belgian Flax Linen Curtain $99 $54

Linen drapes always make a home look more expensive. Look for them in neutral tones that complement your walls, and opt for round or clip rings. These from Pottery Barn give you three hanging options: pole pocket, hanging loops, or ring top.

West Elm Belgian Linen Curtain
West Elm Belgian Linen Curtain $99

Belgian linen is the holy grail of curtains. West Elm has good, affordable options. Opt for light shades and a pocket top treatment to get this look.


Anthropologie Adalet Curtain
Anthropologie Adalet Curtain $58

Anthropologie has great sheer options, like this top-rated cotton curtain with a Moroccan-inspired print.

West Elm Sheer Belgian Flax Linen
West Elm Sheer Belgian Flax Linen $59

This sheer Belgian-flax linen curtain is breezy and beautiful. Dusty tones and neutrals look great on sheer curtains to keep them simple, flowy, and elegant.


Urban Outfitters Pompom Curtain - Cream 84 at Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters Pompom Curtain $69

Urban Outfitters has a ton of fun embellished curtain options like these pom-pom ones that come in eight colorways. They're simple without being boring.

embellished curtains
Anthropologie Pom Tassel Curtain $78

Anthropologie's striped, pom-pom option comes in three colorways and is made of cotton, linen, and bamboo.


Urban Outfitters Star Window Panel
Urban Outfitters Star Window Panel $39

How dreamy are these star curtains with metallic details? They'd be right at home in your bedroom, offering a positively celestial feel.

Anthropologie Embroidered Betina Curtain
Anthropologie Embroidered Betina Curtain $98

This top-rated patterned option from Anthropologie has blue hand-embroidered details: simple yet stunning.

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