We Need to Talk About These Affordable Furniture Brands

Photo: Courtesy of BHDM

Furnishing a first apartment or a whole new home can get expensive quickly, which is why we love brands like IKEA and Target to help us put the finishing touches on our spaces without declaring bankruptcy. But while we can always count on these budget décor staples for surprisingly good finds, it doesn't mean we want to furnish our entire spaces with just their items.

Luckily, a new crop of startups has made it their mission to deliver affordable furniture that also looks great. By using innovative subscription models or cutting out middlemen on the supply chain, they are able to offer well-made, beautiful furniture at seriously low prices—and they're disrupting the home décor industry by doing so. Haven't heard of brands like Kvell or Burrow yet? Whether you're looking for a simple bed frame, a long-lasting sofa, or just a cute velvet storage ottoman to finish off your space, these furniture pieces will convince you to branch out from your regular furniture shopping. Get ready to make your space look great without poking a giant hole in your wallet.