We Gave Interior Designers $100 to Spend at H&M—Here's What They Bought


Courtesy of Amy Bartlam; DESIGN: J Kurtz Design

Sure, we'd love to update our space every time the seasons change, but unfortunately, our salary can't always accommodate an overhauled approach to redecorating. Fortunately, you don't need a major budget to upgrade your home with the season's latest trends. In our experience, even the most insanely stylish rooms boast a high/low mix of expensive designer pieces and affordable finds.

To show us how it's done, we tasked four interior designers with a challenge. Armed with just $100, they told us exactly how they'd decorate a room using only products from H&M—and honestly, they did not disappoint. In fact, we guarantee that you'll want to add every item to your cart (which, if you did, would only set you back $400). Keep scrolling to shop interior designers' affordable H&M home décor picks.