20 Chic Décor Finds From H&M Home For Under $20

Clear glass box in living room.


Sure, we'd love to update our space every time the seasons change, but unfortunately, our salary can't always accommodate an overhauled approach to redecorating. Fortunately, you don't need a major budget to upgrade your home with the season's latest trends. In our experience, even the most insanely stylish rooms boast a high/low mix of expensive designer pieces and affordable finds—and H&M can give you that chic look without the high price tag.

It's completely possible to decorate any room in your home with only products from H&M, and we found some of the most stylish décor on the site—all coming in under $20, to boot. We guarantee that you'll want to add every item to your cart.

Keep scrolling to shop these chic and affordable H&M Home finds.

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Large Pillar Candle

At just $5.99, this candle will spice up any mantel or bookshelf in your home—and cost less than your daily coffee order (probably). The neutral taupe is totally on trend and will be a lasting décor piece in your space.

Large Pillar Candle
H&M Large Pillar Candle in Taupe $6.00
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Glass Candle Lantern

Glass candle latern promo photo.


Speaking of candles, this holder gives the look of expensive, glam décor without the high price. Drop a votive or tea light inside to warm up your space.

Glass Candle Lantern
H&M Glass Candle Lantern $6.00
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Tea Towels

Towels aren't simply utilitarian—they can take any kitchen décor to the next level by looking oh-so-rustic and chic. These neutral beauties are an affordable addition to any kitchen.

Tea Towels
H&M 2-pack Tea Towels $6.00
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Small Stoneware Vase

Small stone vase promo photo.


Ceramic vases are a classic piece that are enjoying a moment in the design spotlight. This small vase is perfect for a minimalistic faux plant stem or for perching atop coffee table books.

Small stoneware vase.
H&M Small Stoneware Vase $6.00
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Cotton Velvet Cushion Cover

Velvet is the ultimate in luxe fabric, but it can work for any décor style from modern to bohemian glam. This affordable cushion cover can take your existing pillows to the next luxurious level by carefully concealing them.

Cotton velvet cushion cover.
H&M Cotton Velvet Cushion Cover $10.00
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Taper Candles

Taper candles are enjoying quite a moment in the spotlight, finding a home in every design style and major retailer. This pack from H&M has enough candles to fit in every nook of your home—and for you to DIY into bended and twisted beauties.

Taper candles.
H&M 10-pack Taper Candles $10.00
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Wooden Cutting Board

Lead image of cutting boards.


Upgrade your charcuterie board game ASAP with this adorable board with a paddle handle.

Wooden cutting board.
H&M Wooden Cutting Board $18.00
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Metal Sconce

This sconce could pass for triple the price, it’s that stylish. It adds visual interest to any wall and perfectly holds any small candle or tea light.

Metal sconce in gold.
H&M Metal Sconce in Gold $13.00
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Ceramic Candlestick Holder

Side view of candlestick holder.


Need a spot to display those new taper candles? Try this semicircular ceramic candlestick holder, perfect for your built-in bookshelves or dining room table.

Ceramic Candlestick Holder.
H&M Ceramic Candlestick Holder $18.00
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Small Ceramic Vase

Small ceramic vase on fireplace mantle.


This asymmetrical vase looks handmade and one-of-a-kind—despite being a steal of an H&M Home find. It's neutrality and small size make it a super versatile piece.

Small ceramic vase.
H&M Small Ceramic Vase $15.00
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Stoneware Plant Pot

The perfect pick for our plant parents, this adorable pot with a sketched face detail will take your indoor plants to the next level. Swap out that plastic, hardware store pot for this and immediately upgrade your décor.

Stoneware plant pot.
H&M Stoneware Plant Pot $20.00
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Wine Glass

Still using plastic cups when guests come over? These wine glasses will make you feel instantly fancier, and you can't beat the price.

Black wine glass.
H&M Wine Glass $6.00
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Scented Candle in Glass Holder

Close-up of candle.


Not only does this candle have a fresh and clean scent, it has the perfect decorative and stunning look in this bubbled glass container. This will fit right in with your current décor.

Scented candle in glass holder.
H&M Scented Candle in Glass Holder $13.00
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Small Mirrored Glass Tray

Attention: Your coffee table needs this tray. It's sleek and modern style can give your small décor pieces a new home.

Small mirrored glass tray.
H&M Small Mirrored Glass Tray $18.00
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Metal Jewelry Stand

This industrial chic jewelry stand is perfect for finally organizing your jewelry collection. Plus, everything will be easily in reach, avoiding tangled messes or misplaced favorites.

Metal jewelry stand.
H&M Metal Jewelry Stand $18.00
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Clear Glass Box

Clear glass box in living room.


Need to organize your jewelry? Proudly display it in this box. Want a catch-all for your keys? This box would look great. The styling possibilities are endless for this piece.

Clear glass box.
H&M Clear Glass Box in Gold $13.00
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The best way to upgrade your glassware? Invest in a carafe. This one from H&M will have any bottle of wine looking utterly stylish—and is only $18.

Carafe with gold rim.
H&M Carafe $18.00
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Metal Table Mirror

Getting ready becomes instantly more exciting with a luxurious mirror to gaze into, like this one in a classic gold finish.

Metal table mirror in gold.
H&M Metal Table Mirror in Gold $13.00
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Bouclé Throw

Textured blanket.


Finding a great blanket for under $20 is not an easy feat, but this H&M throw rivals any pricey bouclé throw. Perfect for any season, this is sure to be a stylish addition to your bedding or sofa.

Bouclé Throw
H&M Bouclé Throw $19.99
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Small Metal Tray

If you're looking for the perfect catch all, look no further. Though this tray can be styled in a ton of ways, we think it makes the perfect collector of loose items in your entryway or living room.

Small metal tray.
H&M Small Metal Tray $13.00