Graduated From IKEA? 11 Affordable Shops You'll Love

We love IKEA for its Scandinavian style­-for-less reliability. To be more specific, we love how easy it is to get that empty one-bedroom apartment off the ground with a few starting pieces and home essentials. We also highly anticipate the release of its catalog each year. From its clever storage systems to its ever-evolving kitchenware collection, there's no contest: IKEA is our go-to for all things pretty and practical. It's the accessibility of the Swedish décor giant that makes it so good.

However, even us die-hard IKEA fans will admit that sometimes you want something that’s not sold in 43 countries around the world and in everyone's living rooms. To help expand your horizons, we rounded up 11 shops worth similar fanfare. Are you looking for the perfect rug, quality lighting at affordable prices, or a kitchenware upgrade? Get ready to bookmark these IKEA alternatives filled with unique, accessible décor.

What is your favorite go-to shop for home décor

This story was originally published on July 27, 2016, and has since been updated.