According to Experts, This $49 Kmart Suitcase Is the Only One You Need

Updated 10/12/18
Affordable Suitcases From Kmart

We’ve long known that Kmart is hard to be beaten when it comes to stylish décor pieces at affordable prices. In fact, it has pretty much turned us into stalkers of every new arrival that hits the shelf. But what also sets the retail giant apart from many of its competitors is the quality, which has been proven (yet again) by a recent Choice survey, which found that despite Kmart's more expensive counterparts, Kmart’s $49 creation came fourth out of 16 other options.

While the American Tourister Curio ($199) took out first place, if your budget is tight—which it mostly is after booking flights—this sleek, alternative option is for you. Or, if you prefer a hard-case option, Kmart's even cheaper option, also took out sixth place in the survey and will only set you back $38. Shop the bags below.

Kmart Soft Lightweight Case $49
Kmart Hard Case Luggage $38

Head to Choice for the full list of selections. 

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