How to Vacation Like a Millionaire Without Spending Like One

Instagram stars have perfected the luxury hotel humblebrag. Pictures of bloggers submerged in a claw-foot bathtub, lounging in a disheveled four-poster bed, or staring thoughtfully out an ornate window to spectacular city views all subtly hint at the five-star digs they stay in.

If that world seems like a distant reality, a new report by has found a way to indulge your five-star sensibility—without spending big. Research found that the average hotel room has risen 3% globally from 2013 to 2014, but that a few travel destinations remain surprisingly affordable.

Asian destinations buck the global trend to offer some of the biggest savings. In Europe, trading a vacation in Paris for Prague could save you hundreds of dollars, Travel + Leisure suggests. These are the best destinations that offer a millionaire-worthy hotel experience for a fraction of the price:

  1. Bangkok: The capital of Thailand saw a steep decline in high-end hotel prices. The average five-star suite costs just $187 per night. 
  2. Budapest: Jet to Hungary, where luxury hotels cost around $208 per night. 
  3. Warsaw: Poland had the cheapest hotel rooms in Europe. The average exclusive hotel charges $107 per night. 
  4. Istanbul: estimate a luxe hotel costs $207 per night in the Turkish capital. 
  5. Delhi: Delhi was among the most affordable vacation destinations. On average, a hotel costs $177 per night.