What We'd Buy at Design Within Reach With $500

Modernist mecca Design Within Reach, can sometimes feel a bit out of reach. After all, we can't all spend a thousand dollars on a Prouvé Chair, as amazing as it may be. But, what if someone (a décor angel, let's say) dropped $500 bucks in your lap while lounging on an Eames in the showroom? What would you buy? We dreamed that dream, and we were surprised by how much could we fit into our imaginary shopping cart. Here's what we picked out; consider it our version of Supermarket Sweep, but with way better results.
d2 The partner in crime to any comfortable lounger, this powder-coated steel magazine rack will keep reading material close at hand. Float Magazine Rack, $80, Design Within Reach
+ $80  
d4 Ok, fifty bucks may be a lot to spend on a terra-cotta pot. But, the geometric design of this one makes it a tabletop stunner. Geometric Terra-Cotta Pot, $50, Design Within Reach
+ $50  
d6 The bold colors and dynamic print on this pillow make it a statement item for any boring ol' bed or sofa. It's an investment worth making. Maharam DWR Pillow in Point, $125, Design Within Reach
+ $125  
d7 Although we'd like to pick up a set of eight of these babies, we'll settle for a cute couple to stay under budget. Granit Teacup and Saucer Set, $34 each, Design Within Reach
+ $68  
d1 Tom Dixon is one of the best working product designers around, hands down. Picking up a little piece of of the British designer's collection is a must. Etch Candleholder, $85, Design Within Reach
+ $85  
d3 Rounding out our receipt would be this vase, just unassuming enough to use daily. Mud Porcelain Vase, $72, Design Within Reach
+ $72  

= $480

A total of $480! Just enough left over for shipping. Consider that a style sweep!