If You Work From Home, This Affordable Office Furniture Is a Game Changer

Affordable Office Furniture

Most of us can relate to the work/life balance struggle, and the lines get even blurrier for anyone who works from home. But there are ways to get a little closer to striking the balance. The key to said balance? Carving out an area in your home that's conducive to productivity and feels separate from the spaces you lounge, relax, and unwind in.

While the right décor, supplies, and accessories can definitely help set the tone, office furniture tends to either make or break it. And since not all of us can create a home office akin to an Ivy League library, we decided to track down the best affordable office furniture options. Take a look at the most stylish, affordable office furniture for a productive workspace, broken down by item type below.

Tables and Desks

Jensen Desk
West Elm Jensen Desk $399

With clean, refined midcentury lines, plenty of tabletop surface space, and a nice walnut finish, this desk will satisfy a variety of environments and needs. 

IKEA MALM Desk $179

If all you need is a classic desk to get the job done, look no further. This one has plenty of usable surface area and extra storage for your files and supplies. 

Wood Top Metal Frame Rolling Computer Desk
Costway Wood Top Metal Frame Rolling Computer Desk $238 $190

Simple and practical, this no-frills table is perfect for anyone who has a studio space or needs something on wheels for mobility.  

IKEA BEKANT Conference Table $229

If you're currently working with a small team, a round conference table will definitely come in handy during brainstorms and also feels very office-appropriate, which will small home office or temporary workspace. 

West Elm Mid Century Art Display Mini Desk $349

Just because you only have a tiny nook to work with doesn't mean you can't find a desk to suit your needs. This one is slim and versatile, plus there's a hidden shelf right under the tabletop. 


Slope Office Chair
West Elm Slope Office Chair $399 - $499

Have you ever seen a cooler desk chair? The handsome leather upholstery adds a perfect touch of style without veering on flashy or distracting. 

IKEA HATTEFJÄLL Swivel Chair $229

Opt for a pretty pastel hue to lighten the mood while you work. The soft organic lines and shape also give it a nice flair and added comfort. 

Articulate Office Chair
Modway Articulate Office Chair $158

If you want to stick with the classics and opt for something with good back support, try this desk chair. 

Channel Ivory Velvet Office Chair
CB2 Channel Ivory Velvet Office Chair $599

Unique and chic, this white and gold office chair will win your desk some serious style points. 

IKEA ÖRFJÄLL Swivel Chair $50

Opt for a slim, discreet desk chair like this one if you're working with a tinier space. 


Design Within Reach Tall Story Bookcase $345 $293

If you have a ton of books, notebooks, and journals, a modular shelf like this one will put them on display while keeping clutter a minimum. 

Stairway Black 72.5" Desk
CB2 Stairway Black 72.5" Desk $349

Open-shelves are a great storage solution for anyone who wants to display their accessories and have easy access to important items. 

CB2 Walnut Modular Shelf System $49 - $119

This modular shelf system is great for anyone who needs to customize their storage. Order as many or few as you need. 

go-cart carbon 30"x18" rolling cart
CB2 Go-Cart Carbon 30"x18" Rolling Cart $149 $126

A storage solution on wheels is perfect for anyone who needs to transport a bunch of paperwork from place to place. 

TPS carbon 2-drawer filing cabinet
CB2 TPS Carbon 2-Drawer Filing Cabinet $179

Drawers and cabinets can be great for bulkier, less attractive items or files you don't need to access too often. 

Cylinder Wireless Charging & USB Task Lamp
West Elm Cylinder Wireless Charging & USB Task Lamp $199

Though not exactly "furniture," workspace lighting is absolutely crucial. This one will do the trick. 

Antique Brass Arc Table Lamp
CB2 Antique Brass Arc Table Lamp $70

Considering it has a small silhouette, this design-savvy task light plays a big style game. 

Project 62 Dean LED Task Lamp $30

If your desk is super tiny, opt for a compact task light like this one. 

Olson Two Head Task Lamp
Target Project 62 Olson Two Head Task Lamp, Black $20

If you share a desk with a partner, roommate, or family member, this two-tiered lamp will provide light for both of you while freeing up some table space. 

Pillowfort Desk Task Lamp Gold $30

You can always count something brass to introduce sass and flavor to a lackluster environment. 

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