9 Chic Affordable Persian Rugs Under $400

Yes, they exist

Affordable Persian Rugs

Few things elevate the look of a room quicker than Persian rugs. Their rich patterns, colors, and timeless designs all contribute to making them the pinnacle of flooring. The Persians have been known for their rugs since ancient times, and authentic Persian rugs are hand-made using natural dyes and sheep’s wool.

The one caveat: Authentic Persian rugs can be really expensive. They're synonymous with luxury, after all. But don't give up on your dream of owning your very own Persian-style rug just yet.

If you want to incorporate a pricey authentic Persian rug, choose a smaller one and layer it on top of a more affordable rug.

Persian-style rugs under $400 may sound unheard of, but they do exist! While they may not come straight from Iran, more and more retailers are producing Persian-style rugs that are chic and affordable so that you can get the look, too.

Perisan rugs have been a major trend in the U.S. during the 20th and 21st centuries, and we've been seeing a lot of them used in bathrooms and kitchens. That's a look we can totally get behind, so we've rounded up nine sophisticated, affordable Persian-style rugs so that you can try out the trend for yourself, available for only a few hundred bucks.


Safavieh Hardouin Rug $62

The traditional motifs and patina of this orange-tinged rug by Safavieh impart a look of elegance. Plus, you can't beat the price tag. It comes in several shapes and sizes so it can be used as a runner in your kitchen or area rug in your living room—the options are endless.

Touch of Pink

Caitlin Wilson Kismet Rug $225

Interior designer Caitlin Wilson creates these beautiful antique Persian-inspired rugs at really reasonable prices. A touch of pink adds femininity to this wool creation, plus it has the perfect balance of both modern and traditional styles.

Warm Colors

persian rug
Rejuvenation Adair Hand-Knotted Rug $349

This hand-knotted rug from Rejuvenation is made of wool from Sardinia (a small island in the Mediterranean Sea that's found off the coast of Italy). It offers not only a warm feel, but also a rich color palette for your space.

Soft Peach and Blue

persian rug
World Market Peach And Blue Persian Style Chenille Oasis Area Rug $150 $120

Achieve the distressed look with this cotton-chenille World Market rug in soft shades of peach and blue. We're particularly loving its fringed ends.

Classic Red

red persian rug
Safavieh Vintage Hamadan Area Rug $188

This Safavieh rug in a traditional red can add a homey feel to any space. Plus, its floral pattern offers a natural touch.

Pop of Color

persian rug
Anthropologie Hand-Knotted Double Diamond Rug $128

The colors and fringe on this hand-knotted wool Anthropologie rug are to die for. It adds a great pop of color to any space.

Kilim-Inspired Border

persian rug
Pottery Barn Kayson Tonal Printed Rug $279

This Pottery Barn wool rug is crafted by artisans to achieve a timeworn, soft look. Plus, its kilim-inspired border is extra special.

Artsy Animals

persian rug
Anthropologie Bea Rug $68

Check out the farm animals on this rustic, tufted wool rug from Anthropologie. It doubles as a unique piece of art, we'd say.

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