A Celebrity Florist's Guide to the Best Wedding Flowers of 2016

As anyone who has tied the knot can attest, the terms "wedding" and "budget" hardly go hand-in-hand. As soon as you mention the occasion, normally affordable entertaining costs seem to immediately spike. One such expense that can unexpectedly add up is floral arrangments. Between the bridal bouquet, centerpieces, and decorations, the average couple spends over $2000 on fresh blooms

Celebrity florist Eric Buterbaugh says you don't have to spend a fortune on flowers for an elegant event. The floral designer—who's crafted stunning floral creations for actress Demi Moore, stylist Rachel Zoe, and brands like Chanel and Valentino—recommends five different types of affordable flowers, along with chic arrangement ideas to make the maximum impact. These are his top picks for affordable, trending flowers that will elevate any event—and won't break the bank.