6 Affordable Wellness Retreats That'll Give You a New Lease on Life

Updated 11/01/18
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If there's ever a perfect time to pause, escape the daily grind, and regroup, it's now. With the onset of a new season, we're all feeling motivated to improve our diet, hit the gym, and practice self-care, but it's easy to lose our way. We get it. Life is busy, and we all have calendar alerts that remind us of how much we have to do, but in the interest of your long-term health, it might be time for a reset. In fact, taking time out has been scientifically proven to boost productivity and make you live longer.

That's something we can all get behind.

If you've lost track of your resolutions, consider a wellness retreat. They're an ideal way to break routine and reassess habits with the help of nutrition, fitness, or mindfulness experts. Ahead we spotlight six of the best options (including a wellness retreat in California) that are in line with your intentions for the New Year, whether that be to build stress resilience, practice self-love, or tap into your spiritual side.

Book one of these six affordable wellness retreats to relax, recharge, and realign your life.

Pura Vida Adventures, Costa Rica

Pura Vida Adventures—Costa Rica
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The Retreat: Pura Vida Adventures hosts weeklong surf camps and yoga retreats in Costa Rica. It has co-ed and women-only options. 

The Itinerary: Learn how to surf with daily lessons guided by skilled instructors, explore Costa Rica with travel excursions, practice yoga on the beach, and stay in a chilled waterfront resort. 

Pura Vida Adventures—Costa Rica
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The Dates: There are roughly one to three retreats a month. The next is on April 15 to 21.

The Price: Prices start at $2895, which includes seven days and six nights of accommodation, surfing/yoga lessons, activities, all meals, and a one-hour massage.

Yoga for Bad People, Nicaragua

Yoga for Bad People—Nicaragua
Yoga for Bad People

The Retreat: Yoga for Bad People's four-night retreat in Maderas Village, Nicaragua, is all about finding balance. Explore the jungle surrounds, learn to meditate, and hang out on the beach with other like-minded people.

The Itinerary: The retreat includes two yoga classes per day, morning guided meditation, and plenty of time to enjoy your vacation. Other additional activities include surfing, massage, horseback riding, and trips into town.

Yoga for Bad People—Nicaragua
Yoga for Bad People

The Dates: April 4 to 8

The Price: Starting at $1175, the retreat includes accommodation at Madaras Village boutique resort, yoga and meditation classes, and meals.

YogaScapes, California

The Itinerary: Watch the sunrise over the desert from your tent, practice morning yoga, climb the vivid-red boulders, mountain bike, and hike—this itinerary was made for people who love to explore nature.


The Dates: February 2019

The Price: Prices start from $549 and include two-nights accommodation, all meals, hot springs reentry, daily yoga classes, and more.

Kripalu Radical Self-Love, Massachusetts

Kripalu Radical Self-Love—Massachusetts
Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

The Retreat: Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health's Radical Self-Love program is all about taming your inner critic. It's lead by certified life coach Dian Killian, PhD, and aims to help participants "make decisions that truly meet your needs" and "move through regret and mourning to learning and celebration."

The Itinerary: The three-day schedule includes daily yoga and dance classes, small group exercises, and presentations.

Kripalu Radical Self-Love—Massachusetts
Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

The Dates: April 6 to 8

The Price: The program costs $245 and accommodation starts at $307 per night for a private room.

Become Your Own Astrologer Retreat, Mexico

Become Your Own Astrologer Retreat—Mexico
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The Retreat: Fascinated by astrology? Join two of the biggest names in the industry, The AstroTwins Tali and Ophira Edut, in Tulum, Mexico, for a weeklong women's retreat.

The Itinerary: The seven-day, six-night retreat includes daily astrology lessons taught by The AstroTwins, movement classes, a group Mayan clay treatment, full moon ceremony, and curriculum to follow when you return home.

Become Your Own Astrologer Retreat—Mexico
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The Dates: April 28 to May 4.

The Price: $3300 covers everything except flights to Mexico, accommodation at Shambala Petit Hotel, organic meals, lessons, and activities.

1440 Cultivating Stress Resilience Class, California

1440 Cultivating Stress Resilience Class—wellness retreat in California
1440 Multiversity

The Retreat: 1440 Multiversity is hosting a Cultivating Stress Resilience weekend, lead by psychiatrist Daniel Siegel, MD, and psychology researcher Elissa Epel, Ph.D. It's held on a 75-acre campus near Santa Cruz with the goal to help guests develop stronger skills to cope with stress and build resilience. There's a focus on meditation and awareness, too.

The Itinerary: This weekend program includes expert-led lectures about the psychology of stress resilience, mindfulness activities, Q&As, and advice for implementing the lessons into your daily schedule.

1440 Cultivating Stress Resilience Class—California
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The Dates: April 20 to 22.

The Price: $425 for the program. Accommodation and meals start at $455 per night.

Thinking of splashing out? Try one of these luxe wellness retreats.

This post was originally published on March 29, 2018, and has since been updated.

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