Inside a Small Milan Flat With the Coolest Color Palette

Living in a small space has no shortage of challenges. When you’re worried about where to entertain and how to house your shoe collection, it’s easy to lose sense of your personal style. But every home should have a voice. When we came across this small Milan flat designed by Italian design firm Aim Studio, we were captivated by the apartment’s distinct perspective.

The designers manage to solve structural problems and reorganize the space, which cleared clutter and optimized the square footage. In doing so, they integrated luxe surfaces like a Carrara marble shelf, burnished steel cabinetry, and walls with a cement effect, which are understated and create a strong base for the interiors. On top of this soft gray base, the designers layered in toucheds of color in beautifully curated palette, such as dusty pinks, oceanic blue, grassy green, and a rich wine shade. The result is minimalist yet welcoming—and definitely something to talk about.

Scroll below for a tour.