8 Foolproof Ways to Stay Cool Without Blasting the AC

It's the peak of summer, and while that may mean vacations, sundresses, and fruity cocktails, it also means dealing with the less glamorous side of the season. This year is set to be the fourth-hottest year on record, CNN reports. While some simply tap a button on a thermostat to cool down their home, others without air conditioning (or with a guilty conscience) may be in search of environmentally friendly AC alternatives.

Here in Los Angeles, I'm one of the lucky apartment-dwellers with air conditioning. While I've grown accustomed the ticking the dial down to a brisk 72-degrees before bed each night, it's recently come to my attention that this practice is not only wreaking havoc on my energy bill, but it may also be contributing to global warming.

While most properly working air-conditioners don't release hydrofluorocarbons (chemical compounds known as HFCs that play a role in climate change in the same way that greenhouse gases do), they still account for about 6% of residential energy use nationwide and are responsible for releasing a whopping 100 million tons of carbon dioxide each year.

While legislation is put in place to phase out HFCs, there are plenty of ways for you to reduce your individual carbon footprint and stay cool without air-conditioning, according to Huffington Post. For those living without the luxury of AC to begin with, these tips are for you, too. Here are eight ways to beat the heat this summer without cranking up the AC.