Airbnb Just Made Planning a Group Getaway a Whole Lot Easier



When it comes to planning a getaway for a group, one person usually gets stuck doing the grunt work—and thus is responsible for everyone's experience. That's a lot of pressure. It's also risky when you're not the designated planner but you don't necessarily trust the person who is with choosing the right accommodations (mosquito infested hotel, anyone?). Fortunately, and just in time for your much-anticipated summer vacation, Refinery 29 revealed Airbnb's new and improved collaborative-planning feature, which will ease the pains associated with group travel.

The travel site's interactive update allows everyone in your party to participate in the planning process by providing private forums for each invitee to share and comment on accommodations, discuss future trip details, and even allows you to poll the group to determine the most popular potential destination. Airbnb explains it best on their blog, saying, "Collaborative Wish Lists make trip planning easier, more fun, and more personal by bringing more people into the planning process and helping groups to make plans faster." Why not let everyone in on the action? After all, science says, planning a trip is actually the best part.

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