You Can Now Rent Luxurious Castles, Villas, and Islands on Airbnb

Island Villa

Courtesy of Airbnb

Luxury travel just got a whole lot easier—at least, for those with thousands saved up in their vacation fund. You may think of Airbnb as a service for finding affordable or last-minute accommodations for quick trips, but the company has proven to be so much more.

Enter Airbnb Luxe, a new tier from the thriving travel company that includes listings for some of the most beautiful homes in the world, as well as bespoke experiences in lavish destinations. Not only can you select properties like an award-winning New Zealand property, an extravagant castle in France, and a historic Tuscan villa (just to name a few), but you'll also have a dedicated trip designer available to arrange unique experiences and services for you to enjoy on your luxe vacation. They'll help you check in with ease, book local activities, and even arrange services like childcare and in-house massages.

Modern Kitchen
Courtesy of Airbnb

This is all made possible thanks to Airbnb's acquisition of Luxury Retreats back in 2017. Now, the site offers over 2000 homes across the globe, which were selected based on more than 300 standards of criteria. Think: premium materials, rare features, functional design, chef-grade appliances, and more.

"Today's luxury traveler is craving more than just high-end accommodations; they seek transformation and experiences that leave them feeling more connected to each other and to their destination," Brian Chesky, Airbnb Co-Founder, CEO, and Head of Community, said in a statement. "With Airbnb Luxe, we are applying the same approach we've used since we launched Airbnb more than 11 years ago—creating local, authentic, and magical travel moments now in amazing places to stay—to reimagine the way people think and experience luxury travel," he continues.

Open Living Room
Courtesy of Airbnb

The launch of Airbnb Luxe was designed to fulfill a growing demand for lavish vacation homes based on the number of Airbnb users interested in listings worth $1000 or more per night, which increased by over 60 percent in 2018. This is part of a larger trend that shows a greater interest in luxury travel, even among those who might not typically be able to afford such extravagances.

One look at the new listings available through Airbnb Luxe and it's easy to see why. The properties feature stunning designs in incredible locations across the globe, from Cape Town, Bali, and The Cayman Islands, to London, Punta Mita, and Palm Springs. If you've been saving up for your next big getaway, you may want to look at the properties on Airbnb Luxe before you turn to traditional hotels or travel agencies.

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