8 Breathtaking Tree Houses You Can Actually Rent on Airbnb

a treehouse you can rent on on Airbnb


While tree houses are frequently available for residence within imaginary kingdoms, fantasy novels, and the landscape of our childhood memories, they're harder to come by in the real world. Determined to make our dreams of living in a treehouse come true, we did what any adventurous traveler with a taste for niche architecture would: We scoured Airbnb for the best treetop shelters around the world. And we were pleasantly surprised to find a plethora of options.

If you're looking for a break from the chaos of everyday life in a serene, natural environment, these Airbnbs will make that a reality for you. So whether you want to plan an actual vacation, or you simply want to take a short trip to yesteryear in cyberspace, these are best tree houses to escape to. And escape you will, considering that these have enough fairy tale charm to transport you out of this world. Get the magic going, and scroll through to see our picks for yourself.

Santa Cruz, California

a Santa Cruz, California treehouse you can rent on on Airbnb

Located just outside of San Francisco in Santa Cruz, California, this heavenly home is perfect for a weekend getaway if you're in the bay area. Complete with ocean views and large glass windows that surround the entire structure, it can sleep up to six guests.

Alajuela, Costa Rica

a Alajuela, Costa Rica Airbnb treehouse

There is round-the-clock access to natural hot and cold springs right on the premises. Need we say more? If you love hiking in a tropical setting, then this treehouse is the one for you.

Fern Forest, Hawaii

a Fern Forest, Hawaii Airbnb treehouses

Just look at that dreamy canopy hammock suspending from the floor to the ground level. If you're in need of a slower pace, look no further than this island-jungle abode where bamboo abounds. And if you like the façade, wait until you get a peek inside of the chic interiors. 

Montferrat, Italy

an Airbnb treehouse in Montferrat, Italy

A treehouse hideout in the northern Italian hillside sounds like the perfect vacation. There's a swimming pool right on the property, so we suggest visiting during the warmer months when you can enjoy the sun. And wine tours through the gorgeous vineyards are always an option in Montferrat, rain or shine (but you should double-check before booking any tours).

Petaluma, California

an Airbnb treehouse in Petaluma, California

Breathe in the eucalyptus scent while you're lulled to sleep in this majestic nest. Another Bay Area treehouse, this one is located in Petaluma, California, which is known for its small-town charm. It's located only a few miles north of San Francisco, while the Santa Cruz option is further south of the city. Enjoy a trip to the vineyards, and watch the sunset on this spacious deck.

Atlanta, Georgia

Airbnb Tree Houses

Never have we ever wanted to walk (no, leap!) across a rickety bridge with such gusto… If you agree, welcome to the fairytale treehouse of your childhood fantasies. Only this one isn't imaginary, it's in Atlanta, Georgia, and it comes complete with chirping birds, a flowing stream, and a canopy of trees. There are three separate structures, all connected by the aforementioned rope bridges.

Argyle, New York

an Airbnb treehouse in Argyle, New York

It's like tree climbing, but for adults! This Upstate New York treehouse is a private little sanctuary best suited for anyone who wants to get some creative inspiration off the beaten path. We'd love to hide out here for a few weeks to transform it into a writer's retreat. 

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