This Airline Gets the Most Customer Complaints, New Study Finds

Updated 04/09/18

It's easy to focus on price comparisons when carefully selecting the right airline for an upcoming trip, but a new study from WalletHub may have you considering other factors before booking. According to a study of nine major U.S. airlines and two regional carriers spanning 13 categories, researchers found that while Spirit Airlines is the cheapest airline to fly, it also received more customer complaints than any other airline.

WalletHub collected and analyzed flight data from the U.S. Department of Transportation from 2017 to create a definitive ranking of U.S. airlines for 2018. The study compared Alaska, Delta, Hawaiian, Skywest, ExpressJet, American, United, Jetblue, Southwest, Frontier, and Spirit airlines based on a variety of factors. Factors included complaints about canceled flights, delays, mishandled baggage, and denied boardings. They also looked into in-flight comfort and cost, which was measured by things like legroom, entertainment options, Wi-Fi availability, and refreshments.

Finally, they analyzed animal-related incidents.

The study found that while you can likely snag a cheap ticket on Spirit Airlines, the price tag might not be worth the potential hassle caused by flight cancellations, delays, and trouble with baggage. Next time you spot cheap tickets online, be sure to consider other factors before you book. Head to WalletHub to check out the rest of the findings from this telling study.

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