This Is What a Frequent Flyer Packs to Avoid Unhealthy Plane Meals

Staying healthy during a long-haul flight is no easy feat. It's as if the odds are stacked against you: Cabin pressure makes your taste buds go numb, low humidity causes intense dehydration, and sitting for hours on end can make you snack out of sheer boredom. For Food52 CEO and co-founder Amanda Hesser, this is an unhealthy scenario she faces frequently on long-haul flights—and one that she's learned to combat.

"I used to be afraid of flying so I was always packing my last meal," says Hesser, who started making homemade meals to bring on planes "forever ago." Frustrated with the unappetizing processed food, she prepares nutritious, easy-to-transport meals whenever she travels. "People have yearned for better food on planes since the Wright brothers, and there's still only one solution: Pack your own."

While her routine involves a fair amount of preparation, she points out that every meal she packs is practical. "If I cook a dish for the plane, it has to withstand being made at least the day before I leave," she tells MyDomaine. "There are so many other details to wrap up the day you're leaving; this is not one you should add to your list." Ahead, she shares exactly what she packed on two recent long-haul flights. This is how a foodie stays healthy at 30,000 feet.