This Global Airport Wi-Fi Map Is the Ultimate Travel Hack

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Travel blogger Anil Polat, who goes by Fox Nomad, totally understands. On his journey to travel to every country in the world, Polat created an interactive map of Airport WiFi passwords to help you travel smarter. You can reach out to him via Facebook if there's a password you'd like to add to the map!

Introducing ice cream ramen noodles, the latest food trend sweeping your Instagram feed. From New York City's Dessert Kitchen, this dish tastes like ice cream (very sweet and sugary) but looks like ramen noodles. Take a look at this bizarre dish for yourself.

Amp it up a notch by streaming these cult classic horror films on Netflix, courtesy of PopSugar. From Scream 2 to Children of the Corn, Netflix has got you covered this Halloween. 

The internet is freaking out over the Pizzacraft Stovetop Pizza Oven, which is basically a mini wood-burning oven that you set over an oven burner. Just $63, the stovetop pizza oven allows you to cook personal-sized pizzas in just six minutes. Dreams do come true.

Breaking news: The mounting investigation has revealed a top-secret risotto recipe, courtesy of campaign chairman John Podesta. In the revealing email exchange, Podesta suggests a "slower add process and stirring" in order to give the risotto its "creamy consistency." Read the full exchange here.

Don't wait until Thanksgiving—have pumpkin pie for breakfast with these 17 healthy recipes from PopSugar. Whip up some pumpkin pie avocado pudding or a pumpkin spice protein smoothie to start your day!