This Albondigas Soup Is Heaven Sent!

Albondigas is my favorite Spanish word to say: al-BOHN-dee-gahs! Say it with feeling! It means meatballs—less fun to say in English, definitely. 

When I was last in Mexico, I had the pleasure of enjoying albondigas con salsa roja, or meatballs with red sauce. The red sauce was a mysterious mix of chiles and tomato, and the meatballs were small, juicy little morsels. It was lovely, and I knew I'd want to recreate it myself when I got back home. Well, the weather has turned rainy and cold, by L.A. standards, so a warm bowl of soup with Mexican meatballs sounds like just the thing. The soup is simple: It's an un-puréed version of my tortilla soup, with some chipotle added for extra smokiness and depth. The meatballs are bright and just barely spicy, with poblano peppers, fresh herbs, and tortilla crumbs rounding them out. You can serve the meatballs solo or purée the soup for a different texture, if you like. Buen provecho!