Parachute and A.L.C. Just Released a Capsule Collection Full of Chic Sleepwear

woman in silk pajamas


Reaching peak bedroom coziness isn’t simply a matter of finding a super-plush mattress, snagging a super-luxe comforter, and snuggling up in some super-soft bed sheets. These things definitely matter, but your PJs do too. After all, the comfiest bed in the world is no match for pajamas that are itchy, scratchy, or otherwise uncomfortable.

Thankfully, two of your favorite brands fully understand this. Your go-to home essentials hub, Parachute, just announced a collaborative capsule collection with ready-to-wear label A.L.C. and we couldn't be more excited. So, what, exactly, is that capsule collection full of? Seriously cozy sleepwear. Every item in the limited-edition line is crafted entirely from silk—a textile that’s as sleek as it is snuggly. (And it’s very snuggly.)

The A.L.C. for Parachute collection is replete with chic sleepwear must-haves. An embroidered robe. A lush mask. Sets of decidedly elegant pajamas. Not only can you catch those Zs you’ve been dreaming of, but you can do so while looking glamorous to boot. (If this doesn’t give new meaning to the phrase “beauty sleep,” we’re not sure what does.)

As of today, the entire collection is available in Parachute and A.L.C.’s brick-and-mortar stores. It’s also available online, so you can shop your new favorite sleepwear from the comfort of—you guessed it—your very own bed. 

striped pajamas
A.L.C. for Parachute Silk Striped Pajama Set $299

Cozy pajamas that are cute enough to wear outside of the house? That sentence may sound too good to be true, but this sleepwear set proves it’s anything but. Style this striped button-down with your favorite pair of jeans and wear it to brunch, or simply pair it with its matching striped pants and do some serious lounging. You can’t go wrong.

silk robe
A.L.C. for Parachute Embroidered Silk Robe $389

Robes are always a good idea. And this sleek black number—which comes complete with pockets and a delicate white bow—is no exception. Be sure not to miss the back of the robe, either. Just below your shoulder blades, you’ll find two intricately embroidered palm trees—offering you some welcome vacation vibes, even when you’re just stuck at home.

silk eye mask
A.L.C. for Parachute Silk Eye Mask $59

Level up your sleep situation by snagging this silk eye mask. Not only is it the most affordable piece in this 5-item collection, but it will also prove to be a necessity on your next vacation. Got an overnight flight? This mask will help block out some of the visual noise—and it might just make you feel a little more at home, too.

silk pillowcases
A.L.C. for Parachute Silk Pillowcase Set $189-199

OK, we know we called this a sleepwear collection, but there are a few pillowcases on offer, too. Choose between crisp white and soft blush, and prepare for the silky sleep of a lifetime.

blush silk pajamas
A.L.C. for Parachute Silk Pajama Set, Blush $299

Any fan of sophisticated sleepwear will surely fall in love with this sleek set. While the blush silk drips with subtle elegance, the black details render the PJs bold and contemporary. A Sunday spent indoors may not sound glamorous, but slip into these, and it might just become your favorite weekly ritual.

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