20 Spirits to Impress Your Holiday Hostess

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the gift-giving that goes on during the holidays. However, one of the least complicated items you can give during the season is a bottle of alcohol. It may be cliché, but honestly, there should be no shame in gifting alcohol! Who wouldn’t want a bottle of excellent champagne or aged whiskey? I certainly wouldn’t say no to that and you’re friends and family won’t either.

The key is to think about the person you are giving the alcohol to—do they always order the random mezcal cocktail that’s on the speakeasy’s menu? Get them mezcal. Are they always sipping red wine and dreaming of planning a trip to the Napa Valley? Get them a spectacular bottle of red they haven’t tried before.

To find the best and most interesting bottle you can afford, hit up your local BevMo!  (a specialty spirits shop) or the Internet. Don’t shop at a grocery store and you’ll be better able to score spirits that impress. Still at a loss at what to give to your boss, sister’s significant other, or new boyfriend’s best friend’s girlfriend? Here are 20 spirits that I would happily give and receive—and since I’m quite the discerning hostess, I promise your host will be wowed!

What’s your go-to spirit to give?