ALDI Just Released a Dupe of the Acclaimed Always Pan—And It's Only $25

Aldi Awesome Pan in blue, white and black.

Courtesy of Aldi; Graphic: MyDomaine

Ah, the infamous Our Place Always Pan. The 8-in-1 steamer, saucer, and strainer took our favorite Instagram influencers by storm thanks to its incredible functionality and aesthetically-pleasing color selection, from lavender to sage green. The only thing not to love about this pan is the rather steep price tag set at $145. But, what if you could have all the aesthetics of the Always Pan at an affordable price? That's where ALDI comes in.

ALDI, the German-owned supermarket chain known for its deep discounts, just launched a dupe for this famed pan, aptly named "The Awesome Pan." It looks almost identical to the Always Pan, and the best part? It's only $25.

Now, the two pans aren't engineered exactly the same, but if you've had your eye on the Always Pan primarily for its chic look, then this might be the dupe for you. The Awesome Pan from ALDI boasts non-toxic, non-stick properties and is available in aesthetically-pleasing colors like matte black, beige and dusty blue. It's also compatible with multiple cooktops and has a durable, aluminum body.

The Awesome Pan in dusty blue holding a stir-fry.

Courtesy of ALDI

If ALDI doesn't necessarily ring a bell or you're surprised the supermarket would release cookware, we have an explanation. The Awesome Pan is a part of an initiative by the supermarket called ALDI Finds, which is a weekly release of specialty items ranging from unique foods and home goods to unexpected products like furniture and décor. Unique finds at an affordable price? Sign us up.

"Most ALDI Finds are stocked in a dedicated aisle, so it’s easy to find these weekly treasures," a representative for ALDI tells MyDomaine. "Expert buyers at ALDI work closely with suppliers to select quality products that we know our customers will love."

Cons of the dupe: it doesn't boast the same 8-in-1 capability as the Always Pan, and it's not dishwasher safe, so it'll have to be washed by hand. But, the new ALDI finds are definitely something we'll be keeping an eye on, and as for The Awesome Pan? We think it will make a great addition to your kitchen décor at a fraction of the cost.