Alessandra Ambrosio Won't Leave Home Without This Snack in Her Purse

Updated 05/05/19
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Tonight, the angels will make their annual pilgrimage down the Victoria's Secret catwalk, only this time, it will be in Shanghai. And with every stiletto-clad step, the same question will pass through millions of viewers' minds: How on earth do they manage to get, and stay, in that good of shape? Here to answer that question is one of the veteran VS angels, Brazilian-born Alessandra Ambrosio.

"I love doing Tracy Anderson Method, as it is great cardio and targets all the muscle groups," Ambrosio told MyDomaine when we asked about her favorite cardio workout. "I also just love going for a run outdoors."

The model doesn't even stray from Anderson's famous method when traveling. When asked about her favorite workout when on the go, she didn't hesitate. "Thankfully, Tracy Anderson has an online class that I often do when traveling, but I also like to do yoga and go for a run if the weather is nice." As for her go-to healthy snack to fuel her many workouts, Ambrosio "always has some nuts" in her purse, she shares. "Usually almonds."

Fortunately, Anderson makes it possible for anyone to train like an angel. In addition to having studios in New York, Los Angeles, and London, the fitness guru offers DVDs, live streams, a best-selling book, and the aforementioned online classes to her many devotees. To get started, shop Tracy Anderson's introduction DVD below.

Tracy Anderson The Method for Beginners $10

Tune in to CBS on November 28 to watch the full Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

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