This Is Alessandra Ambrosio's Victoria Secret Fashion Show Workout

Updated 10/23/17
The Coveteur

Alessandra Ambrosio is an OG Victoria's Secret Angel, a mother of two, and apparently a Los Angeles tour guide. The Brazil native recently showed The Coveteur around her adopted home of L.A., making pit stops at her favorite places to eat, shop, and work out. After dining at Sweet Lady Jane, browsing at Fred Segal, and debuting her new clothing line at Revolve Social Club, the brand-new fashion designer dished on her fitness regimen.

"Right now, there's one month to go before the Victoria's Secret show, and I started working out with Tracy Anderson about a month ago, and I really love it," she told The Coveteur's Megan Wilson. "There's a lot of dance moves, a lot of lifting ankle weights, working out the butt, and a lot of cardio. … I'm so into her, I go to the studio and sometimes I spend an hour and a half to two hours there. It's so good because they put the music on really loud."

Ambrosio also spoke to the universal struggle that is doing cardio, admitting that she used to hate it before working out according to Anderson's method. "You just feel like you're in the club dancing, pretty much, and I don't have the energy to go to clubs and dance all night, so it's nice to sweat and be healthy but do something that I love."

What's your go-to workout to look and feel your best? Share your experience below!

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