Designer Crush: Alexandra Loew

Alexandra Loew, LA- and NYC-based interior designer and architect, can also add storyteller to her list of credentials. While many designers' portfolios seem to reiterate a similar idea and aesthetic, Loew's defies the expected. Each of her projects is as unique as the last, exemplifying her ability to capture a client's individuality. "I am driven by clients' personalities, curiosities, brands, or lifestyle choices and aim to create a unique environment that simultaneously surprises and delights," the designer says. _1 Loew began her career at large architecture firms that "practiced architecture with a capital 'A'," she says. "It was there that I realized I was drawn toward working at a finer grain; filling the volume rather than shaping it." Her ability to design a home in which the shell and interior are symbiotic is evident in her varied portfolio. "I launched my firm in 2004. Today we are 15 people with projects in L.A. and New York, and we are increasingly being approached by an international clientele."


When it comes to inspiration, Loew is never at a loss. "I'm influenced by my international travels, far-reaching knowledge of the decorative arts, and love of fantasy in all dimensions." Her work is indeed a fantasy: her "House by the Beach" is an apt setting for a classic novel, and the "Suite for a Starlet" is prime for any screen siren from the golden age of Hollywood. "I am an enthusiast of so many design movements, and I strive to create an element of the unexpected in polished environments. Like creating a beautiful mess that surfs the line between good taste and decadence."


Loew doesn't seem to have a lack of blank canvases either, regularly running six to eight projects between the two offices. "We recently started working on a historic modernist house in Brooklyn, where the furnishings need to match the spirit of an aggressively adventurous art collection. In Los Angeles, a house in Hollywood for a pop star and songwriter, which will have high-wattage color and drama. And we're starting a renovation of a historic Tudor property in Los Feliz for a music producer."


It's no surprise that Loew is always thinking ahead, constantly looking for her next source of inspiration and items to covet. Currently it is "the South of France circa the 1960s and 70s, for its ultra-pared-down chic look; anything rattan; tooled leather; hammered metals; stray marquetry; anything that feels as if it could have been whittled by a cowboy." With such a busy design schedule it's hard to imagine Loew has time for anything else, but again she defies the expected. "I'm working on a collection of carpets with Egyptian motifs. And a line of house dresses. I've had the idea for years, and now it's very much in the works."


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Greek Key Linen Hand Towel, $57 (set of four), Wayfair Maru Lighting, price upon request, Ladies & Gentleman Studio Bolivian Hammock, $535, L'Aviva Home
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"Dancers" 2001, price upon request, Roger Herman "Zambezi" (#33975), price upon request, Clarence House 5 Tubes Floor Lamp, price upon request, Areti
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