We Give You Permission to Lose Yourself in This Female Painter's Art Studio

When you're working 9-to-5 in an air-conditioned office it can be easy to envy the free-spirited life of an artist. And you'd be right for feeling that way. After speaking with the talented (and very cool) Austin-based painter Alexandra Valenti, my theory that creatives are "living the dream" was proven to be true. She makes to her own hours, is surrounded by a community of artists who all support one another, works out of a 900-square-foot studio filled with art supplies and vintage furniture, and has a landlord who is none other than the renowned hotelier Liz Lambert (founder of Bunkhouse Hotels). 

Needless to say, we're constantly inspired by female creatives here at MyDomaine HQ, so we're thrilled to continue this series that takes you inside studios where the magic happens and talks about how creatives design their spaces and how it influences their creative process—this female pottery studio will make you want to quit your job.

Even the artists are thrilled about these stories. "I am endlessly fascinated by how other artists work and what their spaces look like," Valenti tells me. "So much so that I have five photographs (and counting) of artists in their studios I'm having framed to hang in my studio and home."

So without further ado, take a peek inside Valenti's studio and read more about how the studio design inspires her work.