Inside a Furniture Designer’s Dreamy Majorca Home

The first thing you notice about this unique Majorca home are the oddly curvaceous white plaster walls. The entire home is round in nature, not a right angle in sight, which beckons you to explore what's beyond the next bend. Every room has impressive views of the Mediterranean Sea, and when the sun sets in the summer time, the curved walls turn neon pink. This unique space is owned and designed by Alexandre de Betak, a renowned events producer, art director, and furniture designer whose work includes fashion shows and events for luxury clients from Dior to Rodarte and Tiffany & Co.

Perhaps the most beautiful quality of this stunning abode is its integration with the local environment and its people. Betak wanted the home to be "ecologically sensitive and in tune with the local culture." He built it with indigenous materials by local artisans and had them "tearing their hair out" when he requested that a "spa-worthy shower" be wrapped around a tree, rather than cutting it down. Even the home accents, accessories, and hardware are from the region, including stone-encased iPod docks, rock lamps, rock book shelves, rock sinks, rock tubs, and even a rock TV. Betak certainly nailed this "very minimal and warm" home, which is a constant work in progress. He told T Magazine, “The house was made for life, and it should never be really finished. It’s a good lesson. What in life is ever really finished?” Scroll down to take the tour through photos by Jason Schmidt for T Magazine.