Mindfulness Isn't Just for Adults—Meet the App Ali Larter Loves For Her Kids

Updated 05/06/19
ali larter loves this children's mindfulness app
Rich Polk /Getty Images

Ali Larter knows firsthand how busy life can get for herself and her little ones—her son Teddy is 5 and her daughter Vivienne is 2 1/2. The actress says some mornings can be a mess when someone didn’t get enough sleep or she forgot to pack a lunch (if that’s not real life, we don’t know what is). “I don’t want to look back at this time of my children’s lives and say I rushed through it all,” says Larter.

Which is why when a friend introduced her to the new app Stop, Breathe & Think for Kids (a spinoff of the popular meditation app Stop, Breathe & Think for adults), she knew it was something special. The free app (founded by Jamie Price and Julie Campistron), lets you teach your children mindfulness with the help of fun games and activities that often lead to two- to three-minute breathing exercises. For example, the program will ask your child if they are “hyper” or “curious” and then tailor the activities to help them unwind (Teddy particularly loves one game with Bigfoot).

“One thing about this app that I love is that I want my children to be able to understand their emotions and not be controlled by them,” says Larter. “[It enables them to] know there are tools available to help them get through it.” It’s now become a regular part of her children’s bedtime routine, especially for Teddy. “It gives kids a chance to scan their bodies and see how they feel,” she says. “What makes it special is that these short little moments can reset your day.”

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