Ali Larter’s Peach Cobbler Will Knock Your Socks Off

Peach cobbler is the most delectable of flings—hot, sticky, sweet, and easy on the eyes. I love to make mine in a cast-iron pan, because it means oven-to-table presentation, and I’m a sucker for anything that saves me dishes while looking both rustic and elegant.

I tried this cobbler every which way to get to the recipe below; I wanted a twist on the classic recipe, and I finally found the magic ingredient in the bulk foods section right next to the dried mango. Throw in a little minced candied ginger and the familiar becomes newly unforgettable, spicy, and sophisticated through its sweetness.

Serve this up hot and covered in vanilla ice cream for the people you love this summer, and share a taste you’ll miss all year—until next peach season!