Impress Your Guests With Ali Larter's Perfect Summer Recipe

Nobody loves corn more than my family—a bold statement, I know, but one that I feel comfortable backing up every time I watch Teddy demolish a cob and ask for another. In the dog days of summer, nothing tastes better. Corn is sweet, vibrant, and highly seasonal—it is to July what cranberries are to November, an American classic that can be consumed on its own or tied deliciously into a number of recipes. For example, corn chowder.

I know, it’s hot out and most cream is busy getting iced, but whip up this hearty yet light chowder once and you’ll be making it on the weekly till the crops run dry. What makes this recipe so special is the homemade corn stock, which takes time but makes all the difference—serve it up with biscuits and you’ll have the whole family asking for seconds. Or, if you want to turn it from weekday to wow, toss in some cooked lobster and you’re ready for guests, or even date night.

This summer, get a little extra corny with your loved ones. Come autumn, we’ll move (back) to cheese…

xx, A