Step Inside Our Publisher's Art-Filled Bondi Beach Apartment

MyDomaine Australia group publisher, Alison Rice, and her creative director husband, Tony, have lived in their stunning Bondi Beach pad for nearly five years, making them our go-to couple for everything stylish and cool around the trendy beachside Sydney suburb.

Described as industrial, mixed back with antique finds, this two bedroom apartment features multiple vignettes, copious coffee table books, stunning photography and Australian art. The couple complement each other's taste perfectly, with feminine and masculine touches throughout each room (see below the unisex fragrances on display). With a bar cart to boot, this pad is Mad Men meets Breakfast at Tiffany's and we NEED this styling in our own homes ASAP. Keep scrolling for our Q&A, and peep the images, as originally featured on Gritty Pretty.

MYDOMAINE AUSTRALIA: Where is the house located?

ALISON RICE: North Bondi, not far from Harry’s Café which is super convenient. 

MD: What do you love about the area?

AR: North Bondi is a real community—young families, creatives and professionals. It’s pretty quiet and everything we need—like margaritas at Mamasan—is just a short walk away. My husband Tony swims most mornings and I often think I should make better use of the beach. But I'm a homebody.

MD: How many years have you lived here?

AR: It will be five years in October.

MD: How would you describe the style of the home?

AR: The building is art deco style, but I have a hard time defining our interior style. I like to think it is more of a feeling. We take a lot of pride in maintaining a space that feels warm, personal and rich with things we've both picked up along the way. I love making little vignettes of our trinkets and pieces, like right now it is mini colour co-ordinated book stacks topped with empty eye cream jars I fill with small perfume vials, and old metal petrol sign numbers resting against the wall. Each side displays a different number so I like to flip them around and play with the shapes.

MD: When you walk into your house what feelings does it evoke? For example is it flooded with natural light? Are there lots of colours or art works?

AR: Our apartment was renovated right before we moved in, so we’re lucky to have a new bathroom and kitchen, wooden floorboards and white walls! The dream. It is very light and bright. Tony is a creative director and his taste in art and Australian photography is very definitive. He likes red. I actually had to move some of those pieces to our office as I find that colour super triggery! 

Between us though, we have a lovely mix of pieces. Photography from Josh Robenstone, a Mark Gerada painting, fashion test shoots I framed and screen printing moulds... My taste is a little softer which brings a bit of femininity to our place, like vintage gold stem lamps, amethyst coasters, a gold vintage bar cart my sister found on eBay for my thirtieth birthday. I also love creating book stacks so they have becomes small works of art as well. Right now we have Portraits by Helmut Newtown—the one with Elizabeth Taylor wearing jewels in the pool holding a parrot—sitting on the arm rest of our lounge. I love creating little moments for inspiration. An opportunity to stop and browse.

MD: How many rooms? Bedrooms? Bathrooms? Outdoor entertaining areas?

AR: We have two bedrooms but the second room is pretty small. We use it as an office and it also keeps all of Tony's sneakers safe. The only complaint from me is we don't have a bath. I am such a bath person. But the bathroom is lovely and has a more Scandi feel. The kitchen is big for an apartment our size, I only wish we cooked in it more.

MD: Do you have a favourite room in the house? And why?

AR: My favourite room would have to be our bedroom. Truth be told it is more like my shrine to beauty products and shoes. I have a clothes rack at the end of our bed where I keep the items I want to wear more or special shoes on display. One side our (my!) wardrobe may as well be Sephora. Getting ready each day is a really considered process for me—I love it. I'm a huge girl like that. 

MD: What do you love most about this house?

AR: What I love most is it is our place to connect. We lead quite busy lives so coming home gives me the warm and fuzzies. I love ordering in and cuddling up on the lounge at night to chat about our day or make plans for the weekend. Then I'll make him watch a period drama.
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