Skip Vegas—This Beach Vacation Is the Ultimate Bachelorette Spot

When a natural disaster rocks a region like Hurricane Irma did to the Caribbean, the aftermath isn't just felt by those whose hometowns were left almost unrecognizable—it also affects neighboring countries. While images of Bahaman beaches sucked dry from the hurricane went viral, it shouldn't deter you from visiting many of the now-recovered idyllic islands, who gain 50% of GDP from tourism. In fact, it's now more important than ever to support them. Surprisingly, Nassau Tourism Board points out that the country's capital wasn't impacted by the hurricane, and for hotels and locals alike, it's business as usual.

So if you've been thinking about escaping the impending cold and taking one last beach vacation, we've got just the place. A string of renovations and the much-anticipated opening of Baha Mar, a multibillion-dollar development that's been 10 years in the making, means the Bahamas has probably changed a lot since you last visited. Good news: The newest suites boast incredible standalone tubs, the family options are surprisingly varied and high-end, and the beaches are still second-to-none. Here's to a never ending summer.